Long Time No See – USB & Joystick Playground

This story started a few years ago when I was working as an intern into a PCB production facility. I had a great time there and after a few discussions with the CEO, he agreed on sharing some ressources for our skinny student competition at the time. (Many Galileo students got as Christmas gift hundred of 3.1mm milling bits)

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E-Longboard[Part 2]

Here we are again, working on the new version of the e-longboard

Too slow to climb hills, too limited in range, not enough acceleration, it was time to go 4 wheel drive.

4 WD is a nightmare, you need 4 motors (Obviously…), 4 electronic boards (and these are quite expensive or required a good amount of time to solder everything) but also twice more current coming from the batteries in comparison to the previous two wheel drive and it’s way heavier…. but worth it !

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